There is so much information out there on design and DIY’s, it’s easy to get confused!  If you decide to tackle some design yourself, here are a few ‘Don’ts’ of DIY Design- but don’t worry- we tell you what to do instead!

1. Don’t Buy Matching Furniture Sets

The key to mixing and matching furniture pieces is to go easy on matching and emphasize the mixing. When you find a style you like, it’s tempting to buy every item in the collection to make things simple and foolproof — matching bed set, dressers, and end tables may have worked when you were seven years old, but it’s not the most sophisticated approach to furnishing your home as an adult.

Instead, buy pieces that coordinate and work well together. For example, a clean white dresser pairs beautifully with a set of nested end tables in Ash wood, and a grey upholstered high-back, tufted headboard. 

Oliver Apt

2. Don’t Blow the Budget on Trends

To be clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with channeling the latest design trends in your home — in fact, it’s a great way to keep your home looking fresh and fun. However, in the blink of a vintage Edison bulb, it’s out with the white subway tile and in with the macramé wall hangings! So, don’t spend a lot of money trying to keep up with design trends. Instead, continue to invest in pieces you will be using for a long time.

For quick updates or to incorporate a trend into your home, look for inexpensive DIY hacks or ways to repurpose secondhand items! Loving the look of Moroccan hand-painted tiles, but don’t have the budget to import them from Marrakesh? Take your existing tile from bland to bold with an easy, affordable hack courtesy of The DIY Mommy. I love The DIY Mommy’s simple ideas and tips for making “a house a home on a budget”!

DIY Mommy

3. Don’t Point and Buy

I get it. You see a picture online or in a magazine and you love everything about how the vignette is put together. This doesn’t mean you should buy everything in that vignette!

Instead, start with a few good pieces you love. Absolutely include some of the pieces you saw on your fave social media accounts or magazines — these outlets are great for inspiration and sparking an idea! (That mid-century teak bar cart belongs in your dining alcove!) But intersperse them with other pieces you come across or love that speak to you. Remember, the idea is not so much about decorating a room from top to bottom, but more about creating a well-curated and, most importantly, personal vibe to your space.

Clients often come to us with a particular look or mood they want for a room. We use this as a launching point for our designs. Starting with a moodboard and a few key pieces, we can build up from there to create that vibe.

And if stenciling tile or curating the right pieces for your space gives you heart palpitations, bringing in a designer is a great way to help guide the process in the right direction, making for a smoother, more enjoyable process and, ultimately, satisfying end result!

Contact us if you have a look you need some help with — we got you!