3 Don’ts of DIY Interior Design (and What to Do Instead!)

There is so much information out there on design and DIY’s, it’s easy to get confused!  If you decide to tackle some design yourself, here are a few ‘Don’ts’ of DIY Design- but don’t worry- we tell you what to do instead! 1. Don’t Buy Matching Furniture Sets The key to mixing and matching furniture […]

Splurge or Save? How to Keep Your Interior Decorating Budget in Check

When it comes to interior design, the options are endless. The budget however—not so much! One of the best ways to maximize any design budget is to mix high-quality “splurge” items with wallet-friendly pieces that round out the look you want without draining your bank account. But don’t take it from me. When Bruno says […]

A Brief History of FabHab

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Hi, I’m Navin Sidhu, the founder of FabHab Interiors. Although I’ve told the story of FabHab’s genesis many times, I’m always a little awestruck when I think about how it all came together. It’s really mind boggling! Not everyone gets to go to work every day and love what they do. I’m truly grateful […]